Lucy Meepos, Contemporary Artist


Being from Chicago gave me access to many excellent museums. My very favorite was The Art Institute of Chicago. I was captivated by the displays in the basement of the Thorne Room miniature model rooms behind glass. I had to stand on wooden steps to be able to see their grandeur. I was also enthralled with the George Seurat painting at the head of the main staircase.


I started drawing, but was more interested in playing the piano which I was introduced to when I was very young. After taking lessons for many years, and after graduating high school, I enrolled in The De Paul University music program. I still had some time to draw and found both music and art were my creative outlets.


Some years later I moved to California, met my husband Ron and we settled down with our merged family. I was able to get my first drafting table and drew by studying different art books. I did take art lessons, but life always got in the way of doing more art.


Ron and I began traveling and when in Amsterdam at the Van Gogh museum, I was entranced with his black boots. Then and there I decided I would paint shoes. I also loved Andy Warhol’s shoes, but wanted to do something different. Alex Katz also intrigued me because of the two dimensional patterns.


I first began painting realistically, and slowly moved to impressionism and onto abstracts. I finally began painting shoes. I love painting shoes because they are whimsical, bright and joyful and the pop art movement lends itself to more color and vibrance, which works with my art.


Since I love color, the brighter, the better, I found using nail polish in different areas makes the painting more interesting and is a true expression of me.

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